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CEO Message 2010

This year my note of address will be centered on one word : APPRECIATION.

I am happy that for the third consecutive year, we have been able to continue our tradition of holding our annual Global meeting. What is more encouraging for C P World is that I have witness the number of participants growing larger at each event.

This only came about and made possible through the combine effort and commitment from many people. I would like to thank three particular Groups of people for their continuous support and faith in C P World Group throughout the year.

In the recent Colombo meeting, I have the opportunity to spend a very rewarding time with all the management and managers of C P World Group. During the in-house workshop, Volume target are set and key performance indicators are now implemented. So, I will be expecting a driven performance from each office next year.

This is the first group of people I would like to show my appreciation too. The management and staff of C P World Group.

The second group of people would be our international agencies.

We have been fortunate to have many agencies working within our network.Through their unreserved support right from the very beginning, they are now working with many C P World offices today. I am very much touch by their sincere gesture as they start to change their agencies and appoint a C P office instead. I know from experience that this is not an easy task, but it surely give C P World management an endorsement that we must be doing thing right

And finally, the third group of people is to all our customers who have believe in our services and through their support has given us the opportunity and spurs us to greater height.

I sincerely thank everyone and wish all a successful year ahead.

Ken Chiang

Group CEO