C P World (Mauritius) Ltd.

Established since January 2009, C P World (Mauritius) Ltd takes with a view to provide first class and efficient logistic service to the business community.

With an experience team of fifteen highly professional and qualified personnel who are familiar with all shipping and Customs Procedure, the staff has been recruited for their ability to offer quality services to the import and export community.

The Director of the company, Mr. Mohamed Yousouf Ali Delbar has wide experience in the field of Shipping and Air Transportation. Being involved in the country freight sector, cargo management and supply chain industry for more than 20 years, his experience is recognized by different government bodies in Mauritius. Likewise, all C P World (Mauritius) staff is expert in their field of operation.

In C P World (Mauritius) Ltd, we believe in offering efficient air and sea services at the most competitive price. We are able to provide the most efficient service for pick up, warehousing, transportation and logistics services anywhere in Asia and the Far East to Port Louis.

Our objective is put the customer first on our priority list. We take a strong interest in our clients needs and attend to all their queries.

Our Employees are fully trained and equipped to maintain professionalism and courtesy in our representations of clients, shippers and its agents. We can thus boast of having created productive working environment.

Our Sales approach is geared towards effective control of import and export goods so as to be totally in control the moment the goods leave the port of loading. This has helped us to earn the respect of its clients and we look forward to improve this sector in the years to come.

At C P World (Mauritius) Ltd, we are committed to provide the best available services at no extra cost and ensure full security of your goods with prompt delivery.

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