C P W Tasimacilik ve Ticaret A.S.

A strategic decision in end of 2013 to welcome a new partner, in Turkey and the east Mediterranean region, on board the CPW group, strengthened and diversified CPW operations and activities in Turkey, and some major neighboring countries in the region.

With the same forward thinking mentality of the group, CPW Turkey aims at servicing the region with a reliable intra-regional consolidation by sea, land, and intermodal services, linking it to the East European hinterlands, and to the southern path to Iraq and Syria.

In 2014 the new set up was officially registered and started operations in the last quarter, with a ready bundle of Direct and In-Direct services to supply local freight forwarders demands.

The outlook for 2015 is promising, and CPW Turkey is anticipated to take the market lead on some major trade lanes.

With our experience and success in the region, building on trust, excellence, and personal touch, we look forward to be of your service!