Our Expertise

LCL  Consolidation

C P World Group is the pre-eminent neutral LCL cargo consolidator in the global shipping arena.

Our LCL consolidation product is backed by our exceptional customer service and price competitiveness.

Global Multi-Hub

The group has strategic offices located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and India. It took advantage of its presence and set up transhipment hub in these localities. Connecting direct weekly sailing to all major destinations worldwide.

This is only made possible with the support of its worldwide network and the full extent of C P World offices.

Agency Networking

Taking into account the core focus of C P World Group being a neutral NVOCC provider, it manages an international platform through which all LCL cargo can be moved within a singular network.

With the network of established professional agencies, it has the ability to connect cargo across all continent within one organization.

Technology Driven

Connecting Cargo, as the slogan suggests, is made easier with the group’s commitment towards information technology.

Apart from a proprietary freight operating system, the group is now also wired with the various web and mobile based applications.

Corporate Overview

C P World provides a platform to connect cargo across continents within one single professional network.

C P World Group has a vision to create a business exceptional in customer service and price competitiveness, driven primarily by customer requirement, and supported by talented management and service-offerings which achieve outcomes of customer confidence and faith in our services.

Our dedicated team ensures we reach the far end of the world for you.


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