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Chairman Message 2009

It is indeed my pleasure to deliver another message; I can see that C P World Group is nothing short of becoming a very big and successful group in the future. I certainly hope that you will all share and cherish this dream as much as I do.

I have the honor to congratulate all our friends and partners, whose support and partnership we sincerely appreciate.

Our group objectives have been very simple, being simple people, we have thought of simple things and we simply managed to put our little network worldwide. Of course, this was not as simple as I put it across. It has been a painstaking task for us, and especially for Mr Ken Chiang, which made this look simple.

Real leaders are simple and ordinary people with extraordinary acumen and determinations.

When we decided to develop the C P World name worldwide, we ask ourselves two simple questions.

1. Where do we start and

2. Who do you go to for help

Just the challenge of setting the conditions that would enable us to fuel the force was tough enough, but there was also the need to plan for the future.

To be able to do that, one has to learn to think big, and to have a solid working knowledge of what our partners can contribute what they can't. As our world works its way through the challenges with the economy and a world filled with persistent conflict, we will be faced with a bag of new demands everyday.

Our budgets will likely not be what they have been. We will be asked to do things better, faster, and cheaper. And aren't we already doing that?

We all need people who can anticipate how world changes affect our business. Then we need to be innovative and adaptive in what we do. If we do it right, we will not only provide the most efficient and effective support system we can for today's needs, but we will also be ready for future needs as well.

As you have all seen in our business, you'd better be able to see the entire system before you make changes, because those changes can have rippling effects that all of us don't anticipate.

Today when we make decisions, I ask a lot of questions that some people might not think through. I'm not trying to tell people how to do their jobs; it's just that our business is about details, and thinking through the second and third order effects of what we are doing.

Operational logistics is no place for a "big hand, little map" approach. Before we can improve our logistics system, we have to see and comprehend the entire process to make certain that helping one operation does not hurt another.

Let us all use our talents, competence and energies for creating peace and happiness in our group and in this world. I wish everyone the best for the success that lies ahead.

I thank you for your commitment and support.

Thank you very much and have a great year ahead.

Makarand Pradhan

Group Chairman