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Chairman Message 2010

I am happy to address you at the end of the year again, as it is most encouraging to see so many of you continue to contribute and grow C P World Group.

From the beginning, both Ken Chiang and myself has committed to the fact that we would put our energy to ensure the success of the continuity of this Group. In so doing, we would also like to add a little adventure to our managers and staff and hopefully some will also rubbed onto our business partners as well.

Business in not getting any easier, so let's build in a little fun if we can along the way. So, here we are, closing the year and starting another adventure in 2011!

Since our recently concluded meeting in Colombo, I am pleased to see tremendous effort being put in by all our offices and hence receiving the reciprocal support from all our business partners.

Let me briefly mention the various key business activities that have been employed into C P World Offices in year 2010.

1. New offices were launched in Saudi Arabia and Oman with additional offspring office in Abu Dhabi.

2. Forging alliance partnership and setting up of offices in China.

3. Direct sailing to location where we once only uses transhipment hub to get there. Now there are more possibilities to move your cargo through the C P World network.

4.This year also see our offices response to both customers and network agencies with a degree of flexibility. It is our dream to move the organization towards a more "Friendly" company.

I am pleased to further add that over 12 months, we have continued to see growth in our LCL consol volume. Each office is to use their respective achievement as a benchmark for your next year target.

Offices now have to meet their volume budget for the year and work together to achieve an anticipated Growth Strategy of 5 % for the whole group.

We are also setting up a regional sales force and enhancing our web-based FMS freight system.

All these and much more will be happening in 2011.

Our theme for this year is Moving On, Moving Forward ......

So, join me as WE MOVE ON !


In concluding, I wish you all a profitable year ahead.

Thank you.

Makarand Pradhan

Group Chairman