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Chairman Message 2018

Good morning,

Distinguished Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen

As C P World Group gears towards the challenge of the coming years, we have made bold steps to brace up and face the looming economic challenges towards a sustained and inclusive growth.

Amongst the steps taken to ensure more direct trade lane opportunities, we have also include a digital transformation program. This is currently in its infancy stage and are being roll out among selected offices.

These initiatives inevitably resulted in a busier workplace and a higher operational cost across the board. We are seeking a higher productivity workplace concept.

On the Agency front, or rather our partners as like to address you, the realisation of the shortage of cargo volume is a real concern.

So this year we have our Southeast Asian offices and Australia morph into a single Consol market community with movement of goods and services flow to network agencies.

On the other hand, our India branches are now organised to also fully support agent in the network.

Our Hong Kong office continue in its strategic role and Dubai offices oversee the Gulf operation.

The Group is not split into four, but rather a keener concentration to benefit the network.

2018 was a tough and challenging year for us with subdued global cargo activity.

I am sure some of you feel the effect too if not all.

I hope 2019 will be a defining year in that growth prospects will improve and the Group will benefit from global trade flows. Although uncertainties remained, many of our members, could sense a more benign business environment.

While we attempt to keep business as directed to our partners, I also call upon that ou reciprocate your business to our offices.

I recalled during our first Global Meeting in Dubai, eleven years ago with the tag line…Together, Better, Stronger. We certainly did very well together when we were all much smaller as we all pull our resources together. Always as one and not diluting cargo to other competitor.

Through the year, our offices participated in many of the network dialogues mooted by partners and also supported with our efforts in various aspects to ensure the launch of a new service or a reduction in prices so as to keep the business in the group.

Our businesses also encountered increasing complexity of customer demand, disruptive innovation and technologies that rapidly transformed the business operations and network as well as constant changing demands of customers.

Notwithstanding, it is my opinion that our industry is expected to continue on a depressing slow growth trajectory. So during this period of slow quantum, we aimed at reinforcing C P W Group position in the next 2 years. Ken has taken the leadership to launch various APP (mobile application) that is part of our Transformation Map that will support country level efforts to transform and grow though productivity and innovation.

It aims to nurture a strong Group core through I/T development, which will in turn help our customers, in particularly, the smaller co-loader and one man operated freight company to booked through us and make us their preferred provider using technology based tools...

As part of this year effort, the Group together with the network agent are introduced to the meeting with the theme “connecting possibilities and opportunities”.

It intends to encourage and renew all participants that in this hall itself there are great opportunity at every corner and all you need is the right mind set to meet the connection and make it possible.

Holistically, we may need to reconfigure the futures of some partnership and not simply just take the best from this network.

Certainly, there is a need to strengthen collaboration within this network again.

The Group also keeps in tandem with regional developments through our active involvement with any initiatives or project from within the network. We continues to shape the future through our support and outreach to potential partners.

As for regional connectivity, Ken is taking the lead to introduce a Digital Trade Facilitation Platform. The project connects the customer (direct customer, freight forwarders) with our booking office and the receiving depot directly.

Above all these advancements, the Group remembers partners, past partners and welcome future partners.

On this note, I am heartened that the Group now has a mixture of pioneer members and some new members. I look forward to working with you to continue the good works. I would like to encourage members to come forward and contribute their effort or to help shoulder numerous developments in the pipeline.

I want to extend my thanks to all C P World managers and staff for their dedication to the Group over the years.

Also, to all partners for their support and the good partnerships forged over the years.

C P World Group will endeavour to continue to provide the platform for the network and in doing so, promote international NVOCC services. C P World Group will work towards anchoring the network as a globally leading NVOCC player underpinned by operations excellence, innovation and a strong nvocc core.

The idea of coming together was mooted in Dubai in 2009. Several senior agencies contributed their pledge of keep their business with the group. Never once wavering of moving the cargo away from the group.

Together with Ken, we are encouraged by the sincerity and hence we pledge to continue to work hard in extending new partners into the network and also work hard on developing I/T projects to give this network a refresh future look.

We hope our knowledge of the industry will supplement the implementation of new direction and enhance the capability of the Group.

We have all benefited, much thanks to our first 10 years and the proactive partners who spare no effort in supporting us in this effort.

Each step forward made by the Group is a concerted effort of the entire network together with all stakeholders. These include not just the offices but also agency partners.

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks to everyone for their commitment, trust and contributions to the Group.

Through the years, C P World has laid a firm foundation. Together we shall continue to build and ignite transformation of our nvocc business. C P World hope to ride on the stronger community and seize opportunities for members to cooperate across different continent.

Together, let’s continue our journey.

I wish you another successful meeting.

Thank you


Makarand Pradhan

Group Chairman