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Chairman Message 2015

It has been 8 years since Ken and myself formally established the C P World Brand.

In less than a decade, the C P World brand grown tremendously and achieved remarkable progress resulting in the formation of C P World Group with offices in 35 countries.

Through the developing years, we were fortunate to have the support from many established partners allowing us the dream to complete a global network. Many of our partners never failed to grace our annual event and many are among us today again.

I thank you for your effort in ensuring that you lock down the date of our meeting in you busy calendar schedule.

Thank you.

Back in 2008, no one could have conjured that we have the will to continue this yearly traditions, certainly not Ken nor myself.

C P World Group operates across various different culture, manage offices in rather diverse government legislation and often find itself adapting to industry changes. An old associate of mine, told me that keeping a group together in such diverse environment today must be a modern day miracle!

Instead, I would like to re-direct his compliment of C P World Group to all my partners. Your own success story is no less remarkable.

This year we have seen Central Shipping Agency ( CSA ) celebrating its 25th anniversary with a firework light-up and Maritime Services Line ( MSL ) celebrating their 20th anniversary with an all-night party.

Congratulations again for going the distance.

I have no doubt other partners would have other achievement and milestone with some even with new found wealth.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the achievement!

I salute you !

C P World Group moved from individual operating offices to integration of group services in the Asia arena within a decade.

We have successfully transformed ourselves into regional hub operators in various location and strategically plugged into the global cargo platform.

Our remarkable success can be attributed to the strong cargo contributions from the entire network and not forgetting the perseverance and the daily hard work of our desk bound cargo operators who constantly ensure the performance of the expectant service level.

Many sacrifices across all level of our organisation were made to achieve what we have today.

Given this similar development experiences, C P World offices and all partners in attendance should continue to foster mutual understanding of the constraints and challenges faced by each other.

Against this backdrop, active interactions between our owners, leaders, senior managers and staffs have set the foundation for strong inter-agency exchanges.

Proof of this interaction is often found in the connection between our staffs in social networking like Facebook, LinkedIn and We-chat just to name a few.

Apart from building up NVOCC trade lanes and the volumes in general, our robust business relations between agencies have also bring along new opportunities.

The most recent example is the introduction of speciality movement of automobile/ car, using the LCL cargo container concept. This was the brain-child of our partner from the United Kingdom, Cargo Marketing Services.

Already C P World South East Asia and Oceania offices are engaged into this speciality product, trademarked as AUTOBOX.

Similarly, among partners there are other joint-venture projects and investment interest shown.

As much as I would love to wish you all well, but I would still like to caution that whatever excitement new development may bring, we should not forgo or forget that our roots stem from the business we know best.

The business of cargo consolidations !

We have all felt the squeeze of our industry this year, and we have seen fellow company giving up the business. Some are forced to change from being a consolidator to become co loaders. More dramatically, we are hearing global logistics operator moving away from self- protected boxes.

While this may seems opportunity for us to increase our volume, I urge caution to watch our cost too. The pressure on low freight rate may be too much for us to handle.

But despite all this, I am sense there are many untapped opportunities to broaden and deepen ties among us.

Our company are packed with all knowledge-based operator and we do not lacked creative executive in our rank.

Let’s continue to exchange shared experiences and upheld best practices to avoid pitfalls to our organisations.

As it is inevitable that company needs to react to market changes, so too must C P World Group as we seek in this meeting to “Redefined our Tomorrow “.

I hope that the ongoing and future cooperative efforts among us will bring more mutual prosperity for all of us.

I wish you all to have another successful meeting.

Thank you.


Makarand Pradhan

Group Chairman