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In Summary, Freight Portal Empowers the Digital Evolution in Freight Management.

Key Features:

  • Access eTariff: Instantly publish LCL rates globally online.
  • Real-time access to worldwide sailing schedules and routing.
  • Seamless eBooking functionality.
  • Streamlined sanitation checks integration.
  • Efficient LCL product management.
  • Harness the power of a Virtual Sales force.
  • Enhance sales team performance management.
  • Foster customer sales and engagement.
  • Gain insights through real-time booking analysis and customer information.
  • Drive growth with sales data analysis tools.
  • Manage online promotions effortlessly.


  • Expand your reach to a global audience of customers.
  • Conduct business anytime, anywhere.
  • Receive uninterrupted online bookings.
  • Access valuable sales leads.
  • Forge new collaborations worldwide.
  • Enjoy exclusive invitations to the Digital Freight Alliance (DFA) exhibition by DP World.
  • Explore new business opportunities through platform tie-ups.
  • Benefit from partner promotions on social media platforms.