Category 2008

CEO's Message

I believe 2008 has been almost a good year for us.

Although CP World is a globally strong company and we are strategically well positioned, we will not be immuned to the recent events.

While we cannot escape the fact that the global economic downturn will affect everybody, there is no reason to fear the future. We must be prepared for the future. Hence, CP World instead has taken this bold step to provide all offices and partners an alternative to move their cargo within a group.

The past few months have both been particularly challenging for the Group's Corporate Representatives. New offices have been launched in Colombo, Manila, Port Klang, Bangkok & Istanbul.

This is the result of hard work that started 6 months or so ago and all timed to be launched within the same period.

Over the years, we have achieved many projects that only have made C P World Group better.

New managers and staffs that have recently joined our organization have come up with fresh ideas of how to create value to our services and remains competitive.

We are going to come out of these tough times Stronger.

In the process we will become Better.

And we will do it, as always, Together.

Ken Chiang

Group CEO